Life coach shares ‘sneaky’ tricks to get someone to like you – including mirroring

A life coach has revealed how you can get someone to like you just by following a few simple tricks.

Coach Francesca regularly shares tips on TikTok, like how to ‘study faster’ and signs that someone has a crush on you.

But in a recent series of videos, Francesca runs through a number of ways to help make others like you, like mimicking their body language or waiting a couple of seconds to reply to someone when they’ve spoken to you are sure-fire ways to get them interested.

“Sneaky psychological tricks to make people instantly like you,” she says as she introduces the new video.

The first tip is asking someone for a favour, as it subconsciously makes them think that they’re a fan of yours.

She says it’s known as the “Benjamin Franklin effect” and explained: “Say something like, ‘Hey, can you pass me the salt please?’

“Their subconscious mind thinks that they like you because they’re doing a favour for you.”

Sharing the next trick, she says: ” Two: call people by their name. We absolutely love hearing our name called by someone else because it makes us feel important and appreciated.”

The next idea is all about how you respond to people.

Instead of replying straight away when somebody says something to you in conversation, Francesca suggests waiting a couple of seconds and then replying.

“This will make them feel like you’re really thinking about what you’re going to say to them and it makes you seem like a better listener,” she reveals.

Another trick is mimicking someone’s body language.

Doing this plays into their subconscious, as it makes a person believe you are “more like them”.

She says: “When you talk to someone try to match body language and try to talk at the same volume and speed as they are.

“This will tell their subconscious mind that you are more like them and they will trust you more.”

Now, this might seem obvious but complimenting the person will definitely make them like you.

Compliments are key when it comes to getting someone to feel “appreciated” by you, Francesca stresses.

“We like people that like us. Knowing how to appreciate someone and make compliments will make them like you more,” she claims.

“Notice something special about them or say something like, ‘I really like the way you think.'”