Man’s disappointing ‘breakfast bag’ from hotel has left the internet in stitches

This hilarious video shows a disappointing ‘breakfast bag’ given to a customer of a hotel so he can eat on the go – and consists of dry bread, a single Weetabix, a yoghurt, and an egg.

TikTok star Lewini Newton was working away and his employer had booked him into a hotel, which served ‘breakfast on the go bags’ instead of a sit-down meal.

Lewini said he thought this was a great idea as he could eat in the car as he drove, but soon he realised that wouldn’t be an option, for a multitude of reasons.

He was served a yoghurt, but no spoon, dry bread, but no spread, a single Weetabix, but no milk, and bizarrely a single egg – leaving Lewini to go hungry for the rest of the day.

In the video, he said: “I’m working away this week so they put me in a hotel, and usually in the mornings you get the breakfast, don’t you?

“So I was chatting to the guy at the desk, he said, ‘we don’t do breakfast here, we do breakfast on the go bags, so what you do is come down in the morning and grab the bag and you can eat it in the car, eat it on the move’.

“I was thinking, ‘mate, excellent idea – now I can scran it in the car on the way to work’, quality right?

“Anyway, I will show you some of the things right. So here’s the bag, got a banana, solid, we got a yoghurt, no spoon with the yoghurt, we got a knife, but we’ve not got a spoon, but I don’t mind drinking it or anything, I’m adaptable.

“What’s this? You’ve got two slices of bread, plain bread, nothing on that, so I’m thinking I don’t know if I can stomach that, maybe there’s some sandwich fillers or something.

“Pull out the next thing, and this is a Weetabix, this is not the breakfast bars – this is the cereal.

“Right, so there’s no milk in here, no bowl to eat it out of, so I’m thinking someone’s taking the p**s because how am I gonna eat this on the go? It’s the dryest thing in the world.

“I’ve got a knife, maybe for the bread – then you get to the last thing, what’s this? An egg.

“What am I gonna do with that mate? Breakfast on the go, who are these people – why’s it worth the money.”

Lewini shared the video with his 1,190 followers on Thursday, July 8, and already it has had over 500,000 views, alongside 67,000 likes and over a thousand comments.

One user said: “Not sure when it was filmed but the Weetabix is out of date.”

While a second added: “Is that an Ikea hotel breakfast, have to assemble it yourself and loads of key parts missing.”

And a third tried to guess how to eat the breakfast, and wrote: “Banana sandwich, crumble the Weetabix in the yogurt, eat the boiled egg, I guess.”