From Maximilian Davis to merch: this week’s fashion trends

Maximilian Davis See Michaela Coel’s TV Baftas dress, Kylie Jenner’s swirly bodysuit and his S/S collection for details.

Crisis curtains Bo Burnham’s straggly do, seen in his Netflix special, makes a case for leaving a hairdresser’s visit for another month.

Tobacco No to smoking it, yes to wearing it, as per Uniqlo’s new Maiko Kurogouchi collection.

Aesthetics Wiki Rabbit hole for anyone seeking clarity on online aesthetics. (Ghostcore, Fairycore, Vaporwave, anyone?)

Novelty Google Hangouts backgrounds Including the one where you look as if you’re in an 00s Silicon Valley cafe, for wfh lols.

Going down

The curated self Buzzy app du jour Poporazzi creates profiles based on photographs uploaded by users’ friends, not themselves. Bye-bye, selfies?

Ankles The decline of skinny jeans is bringing with it a return to longer hemlines. Watch out for puddles.

Digital leaving cards With “message suggestions” in case you can’t think of a thing to say to Belinda in IT. A new low in communication.

Layering Has the styling trick jumped the shark? Behold Rihanna on the cover of Italian Vogue and try not to feel sweaty.

Merch British Naturism has, confusingly, released a clothing line. Peak merch, if ever we saw it.