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Every one of us at some point in life will experience those periods of stress, sadness, grief and conflict. Often times, it is possible for us to resolve
it with ease, but there are times when we are quite overwhelmed and need extra support and guidance.

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9 Reasons why Family Counseling Services are Important

9 Reasons why Family Counseling Services are Important to Maintain Strong Relationships

The people in your family are the ones you love unconditionally. They are the ones you can trust and find peace in their embrace. Alas! These seemingly formidable ties can often fall prey to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

Flaring tensions within a family pertaining to a variety of emotional and societal issues can take a toll on the relationships you cherish and would like to preserve for eternity. Healthy families have been torn apart due to stress, or conflict.

A crucial way for families to keep thriving is to find a way to empathize and identify with each other’s problems. This however, is easier said than done. Thankfully, that is where family counseling services come into play.

Family counseling is the perfect way for families to heal and mend their ties. If you believe that your family might be in dire need of some expert counseling, than that by itself is a good indicator that you should indeed get help from a reliable family counselor.

There are a plethora of reasons why families opt for therapy or family counseling sessions. In this article, we will look at some of these reasons, and understand the benefits your family can reap from such services.

Benefits of Family Counseling

1 – Blending of Two Families

A relationship wherein two families come together, such as a person with a child marries someone who has a child of their own, can cause a lot of tension inside a household, especially among children. Such families can also occur when a single individual marries someone with a child.

The inherent animosity or the refusal to accept such conditions from children can be a rather challenging mountain to climb. If not navigated through appropriately, this can only lead to further resentment and toxicity building up under the same roof. Family counseling can carve a path for you, and help you create harmony in a blended family.

2 – Disconnected Family

This is the story of many households around the globe. You might notice children ignoring their parents, spouses not talking to their better halves, silent dinner tables, etc. You can blame some of this on social media and smartphones.

It is of course odd, that you would rather check your phone first thing in the morning than check up on your spouse and find out whether they’ve had breakfast or not. Communication within the family is important. Family counseling can help family members connect with each other better than they connect with their phones.

3 – Dealing with Addiction

An addiction or substance abuse in your family, even if it is one individual, can affect everyone in the family. The consequences of alcohol and drug abuse can leave scars that are difficult to heal even as time passes by.

It is very important for families to come to terms with a family member’s addiction. Family counseling can help you understand and support each other through such tough times.

4 – Dealing with Isolation

A teenager or adult in your family might suddenly isolate themselves from everybody in the family. This can be due to the teen being moody, or the adult just wanting some time to themself. The desire to seek privacy is normal, and as such should be understood and entertained in a family.

However, if an individual stops talking with other people in the family entirely, or shuts themselves up in their room for long hours, then we have a problem. Depression or other mental health disorders may be behind this sudden withdrawal from society. Family counseling can help you understand the reasons, and help reconnect with them.

5 – Secrets

Although being open with your family is a healthy thing to do, keeping certain things to yourself shouldn’t hurt anyone. However, constantly keeping things from your spouse or going to extreme lengths to keep a secret is a sign of an unhealthy marriage. This can result in a growing distance between you and your spouse.

A family counselor will help you effectively communicate with your spouse, and trust them better to share and keep your secrets.

6 – Dealing with Teenage Drama

Teenage years can be riddled with raging hormones, angst, and constant questioning, which for a parent can be a stuff of nightmares. Such unpredictable behavior from teenagers can cause a permanent rift between a child and their parent.

A family counselor can help teenagers understand their parent’s ordeal, and make parents understand what their child is going through. Together with the help of effective counseling both teenagers and parents can find a common ground wherein they understand each other and respect each other’s boundaries.

7 – Grudges

Holding grudges is normally not a good way to live. This can be especially worse in families. Holding a grudge over your family member for some mistake they committed will affect the peace and wellbeing of your entire family.

There must come a time where you forgive someone and move on, as not doing so will only lead to growing anger, resentment, and contempt in your family. Therefore, in situations where you feel like there is resentment in the air and there is a complete absence of mature communication between family members, it is perhaps time to seek family counseling.

8 – Lack of Intimacy

It is said, that a couple should have sex at least once a week in order to maintain intimacy within a relationship. Lack of intimacy can result in a growing distance between couples which can later result in more barriers in communication.

There can be many reasons for couples refusing to engage in sexual activities, it can be hormonal, or due to some medication. If such a situation persists, then the tensions in a relationship will graduate into fighting and constant bickering.

Family counseling can help couples open up to each other with confidence. With communication now possible, the couple can go back to rebuilding their relationship and finding solace in each other.

9 – Growing Apart by Time

It is natural for people to grow apart with time. We see children becoming distant from their parents and grandparents when they grow up. We see siblings growing apart as they move on to cultivate their own separate lives; such is the dilemma of life.

Sometimes such transitions can result in growing tensions within family members because of the difference in opinions. This can further cause fighting and bickering. Family counseling can help you carve a future for your family wherein you understand each other’s individual ambitions and plans for themselves and find a way to support each other while staying connected even as you grow apart physically.

Family Counseling Services with Thrive 360 Life

Sometimes all you need to solve quarrels and conflicts in a family is someone to listen and empathize with you. Thrive 360 is home to professional coaches who understand the fundamental nature of listening. They motivate our clients to share their feelings, and try to empathize with what their family member is going through. Many families, who take this journey with us, find themselves with a new perspective of their families. 

Our family counseling services include, but are not limited to life coaching, premarital counseling, couples therapy, divorce therapy, child counseling, stress management, online family counseling and so much more. So get help from some of the best therapists in Uganda to connect and rebuild ties with your loved ones. Remember, sometimes all you need to help someone is to listen, and that is exactly what we do at Thrive360. 

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